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Coolgardie: A type of Mulga tree which grows near waterholes



Coolgardie Children's Centre is a purpose built 49 place centre located at 9 Coolgardie Street East Corrimal NSW 2518
We care for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years in our 3 classrooms
The Nursery is our Starfish Room - 6 weeks to 2 years
The Toddlers are in our Dolphin Room - 2 years to 3 years
The Pre Schoolers are in our Seahorse Room - 3 years to 6 years
We are a Long Day Care Centre open from 7.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday
We provide Care and Education that focuses on each individual child - click HERE to see the Educational program at Coolgardie
We provide a TRANSITION TO SCHOOL program for our Pre School children that has been highly commended by the local Primary School kindergarten teachers - click HERE to see our Transition to School program
We are open 50 weeks of the year and close for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year
We supply all meals and cater to allergies and anaphylactic children

The philosophy of Coolgardie Children’s Centre is to ensure that quality childcare and a stimulating environment are provided whilst catering to the individual needs of all children. The wellbeing of each child is our priority.
All children will be provided the opportunity to develop in relation to the learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (COAG 2009) and within the guidelines of the National Quality Framework. Our programs provide a balance of indoor, outdoor, active and passive experiences that encourage self-help and a sense on achievement in daily routines.
The centre aims to extend and enrich children’s experiences and learning from birth to five years and through to the transition to school. In doing so we embrace the concepts of “being”, “belonging” and “becoming” as milestones in each child’s development as they connect to and contribute to their world.
At Coolgardie we believe in interest based learning. Our centre programs are developmentally appropriate and play orientated. Experiences cater to the current interests and abilities of all children. This assists in empowering children to view themselves as successful, capable and competent learners.
We recognise the importance of play and the acceptance of diversity. We encourage children to develop meaningful relationships through respect and acceptance. We will work towards building the self-esteem and independence of all children. Sustainability is embedded in the centres practices and educators encourage children to care for and respect the environment.
We believe that if children are to become long term, independent learners and effective communicators the environment must provide the opportunity for all children to be self-thinkers and to feel valued. Children are respected for their contributions which encourage confidence and a sense of belonging to our centre community and the community in general.
Our aim is to build effective partnerships with families and the wider community. We recognise that children, families, staff and the community deserve consistency, equality, support, respect and confidentiality in all matters including culture, beliefs, values, health and security. We believe that staff and families need to collaborate to ensure the best start for each child. We encourage participation in our activities and our decision making regarding evaluation, review of policies and procedures, programs and planning, routines, activities and the sharing of details regarding the child’s home life. The centre recognises the importance of early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning and embraces the concept of genuine trusting relationships between families and staff.

Early Years Learning Framework Outcomes
Outcome 1 Children develop a strong sense of identity
Outcome 2 Children connect to and contribute to their world
Outcome 3 Children develop a strong sense of well being
Outcome 4 Children are confident and involved learners
Outcome 5 Children are effective communicators


To help us to develop according to our philosophy we have devised a variety of programs, activities and conditions based on our principles and following the guidelines of the 2009 Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework.

We offer:
- structured and flexible programs following the interests of the children
- a stimulating and productive environment with the opportunity for play based learning
- an accepting attitude and a non-biased approach to activities an active interest in all cultures and cultural needs,
- a balance of indoor and outdoor experiences and the opportunity for both active and passive play
- the opportunity of “being” “belonging” and “becoming”
- encouragement in developing a nutritious diet
- support and appreciation of the family needs
- interaction with the local community and community members
- the development of a Portfolio / Learning Story of each child’s preschool life
- the opportunity for visiting groups through our annual calendar of community visitors
- the benefits of networking with local schools
- walking excursions to local schools in the preschool year
-the opportunity for children to participate in caring for the environment and contributing towards a more sustainable world
Through continual observation we monitor your child’s development and all staff members work together to ensure that Coolgardie Children’s Centre provides a happy, safe and rewarding experience for all children.
If you ever have any problems or wish to discuss any aspect of our centre please contact any staff member.
If you would like to share a skill or some time with the children at the centre please arrange this with an educator in your child’s room.
We look forward to a happy and rewarding association with you and your family and we feel confident that your child’s time at Coolgardie Children’s Centre will be enjoyable for all concerned.
Please feel free to visit at any time.

From learning through Developmental Play to Graduating from our School Readiness Program your child will receive exceptional care and nurturing at Coolgardie Children's Centre